This publication is principally about products that harm people. It is focused on the Pacific Northwest, primarily Washington State. That's the area we know best.   But because products and corresponding litigation are spread throughout the nation, by necessity the topics covered here expand to all 5o states.

The intent of this blog is multifold. First, we seek to provide important information to consumers so that they can learn about harmful products; we hope that with this information in hand they can take action before they are harmed by a product.  Second,  we also endeavor to provide information to those already harmed by a product. With folks who have suffered a life altering injury such as a car collision or pain after transvaginal mesh has been implanted, it's too late to undo much of the harm. But, they might benefit from learning that that their injury is the result of a defective product. Third, we are leaders in the area of products liability and this blog serves to keep other attorneys and legal professionalswho work in Washington State abreast of some of the latest comings and goings. In some instances, we provide products liability 101 refreshers to help others find answers to their questions; in other instances, we delve in deeper. Fourth, we expect that this publication may be helpful to those in the media covering harmful products. Lastly, we cover a few miscellaneous topics. These include trial advocacy, professionalism, and bicycle safety, a few of our favorite topics. We hope to include a couple of others as well. After all, it's nice to mix things up every now and then.

Mindful of the ever growing Spanish speaking community in the Pacific Northwest, we sometimes write about timely topics in Spanish. There are few, if any, publications about products liability, or any practice area for that matter, written in Spanish. We hope that this blog will be a resource to the Latino community.

In short, we hope the blog proves to be helpful. We welcome your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you dislike, what you find helpful and what you don't. We'll do our best to get it right. Our aim is to produce a first-rate publication.

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you come back again soon.


Publisher: Thomas Breen

Thomas Breen is the Washington Product Liability Blog publisher. He is ahighly-regardedtrial lawyer with the prominent Seattle products liability law firm, Schroeter Goldmark & Bender (SGB). Tom and the products team at SGB represent folks throughout Washington and beyond who have been harmed by a product. His focus on products and other cases involving life altering injuries is with the aim to hold manufacturers and distributors liable for defective products that cause consumers great harm.

Tom's products practice has included the following: asbestos, transvaginal mesh, defective hip implants, defective automobiles, and other products that harm. SGB has been litigating products liability cases for over 40 years: their collective history runs far and deep and is an invaluable resource to Tom and all members of the SGB products team. In addition to this blog, Tom had written articles and given presentations on products andtrial related matters.

Tom also represents folks severely harmed as a result of medical malpractice, as well as those injured from bicycle accidents and other catastrophic injuries.

Tom is fluent in Spanish. He worked in Spain and was a bilingual teacher to Latin American immigrant students. He also lived and worked in Brazil; he can conduct conversation in Portuguese, but often times it comes out as "Portañol" so he won't be writing in Portuguese any time soon. Learn more about Tom.

Executive Editor: Sims Weymuller

Sims Weymuller is the Executive Editor of the Washington Product Liability Law Blog. Sims is a talented and experienced trial lawyer with the law firm ofSGB. Sims focuses on professional malpractice and products liability. He has an active medical malpractice caseload, including birth injury litigation. He is a leader in the Washington legal malpractice field, and he has an active practice representing clients harmed by defective products. Some of his products litigation work includes defective drugs, defective hip implants, and defective household products.  Sims has written and published aboutprofessionalism, legal malpractice and products liability. Learn more about Sims.

Contributing Editor:  Lucas Garrett

Lucas Garrett is a contributing editor of the Washington Product Liability Law Blog. Luke is an accomplished trial lawyer at SGB who feels at home in the courtroom. He focuses his practice on helping those who have been injured physically or financially, whether it be by intentional wrongs, invidious discrimination, or the negligence of others.

Contributing Editor:  Joseph Campagna

Joe Campagna is proudly represents people from all walks of life, because everyone deserves the same vigorous defense. He has been a member of the SGB legal team since 2008. Joe's practice ranges from complex civil litigation to criminal defense. He is known for his creative motions practice, cutting-edge scientific knowledge, and effective courtroom advocacy.

Managing Editor:  Shelley Smith Jones

Shelley Smith Jones is the Managing Editor of the Washington Products Liability Blog. Shelley has been in the legal profession for 25 years. She is a senior paralegal at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender, one of the premier products liability firms in the Pacific Northwest. Shelley is current with many of the cutting edge issues related to products liability issues. She helps keep this publication fresh.

Editorial Assistant (Bilingual): Virginia Perez

Virginia Perez is the Editorial Assistant for this site. Virginia is a legal assistant at SGB. She is fluent in Spanish and assists the SGB attorneys with their representation of Spanish-speaking clients. Virginia is responsible for assisting the Publisher with the materials in this publication for Spanish speakers.