Seattle can do better when it comes to safe cycling

Seattle has been outed. For a city that prides itself on innovation, forward thinking, progressive ideas, and protective of the environment, it just doesn't measure up when it comes to bicycle safety. And yet the promotion and support of safe bicyling is exactly what progressive, forward thinking and environmentally concerned cities around the world are doing.  To learn more about the benefits of safe urban cycling, I encourage you to check out Rutgers University Professor John Pucher's op-ed piece in the Seattle Times. Professor Pucher explains how we used to be ahead of the pack when it came to promoting safe cycling.  But we've been surpassed by cities all over the globe. It's time we made this a priority in Seattle. Too many cyclists are injured here; many of the serious injuries are preventable if only we provided safe and separate bike lanes on our streets.   To learn more about innovative bicycle safety and the cycling boom around the world, I encourage you to take a look at Professor Pucher's PowerPoint presentation.

It pains me to see a family devastated by a cycling injury.  Anything we can do to promote cycling and to ensure that there are opportunities for safe transport is a step in the right direction. Seattlites and our elected leaders just need to make this a priority.