Flight MH370: Lawsuits Against Boeing and Malaysian Air

Our hearts go out to the families who have endured this tortuous process and who are left to wonder why this tragedy happened. As the world waits with baited breath to learn what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, a period of grieving will be followed up with some likely legal action. Boeing is a legal target here and the small handful of U.S. citizens aboard the flight provide a nexus to legal action against Boeing in the U.S.  This becomes a legal chess game concerning jurisdiction. Boeing will surely maneuver in the chess match. One such approach would be to quickly settle with the families of these U.S. citizens. Doing so breaks the nexus and provides Boeing with a means to eliminate non-U.S. citizens legal actions in the U.S.

There will come a time when the families will wish to take action with the assistance of a law firm that is adept at products liability, mass torts, and aviation issues. With Boeing here in Washington, it's likely that the plaintiffs and defendants will seek law firms based out of Seattle.

We don't know what happened with that flight. At least not yet. But we know it should not have happened, that's for sure.  Here at SGB, we handle product liability legal matters in Washington. We know that for the families involved the pain must be overwhelming.  We pray for them to have the strength to get though this time of despair.