Court Announces DePuy ASR Settlement Plan

The Johnson & Johnson $2.5 billion DePuy ASR defective hip implant settlement was announced in court on Tuesday. Attorneys for plaintiffs now have the task of assessing the settlement and possible alternatives with their clients. The next few weeks should provide clarity on that front. Regardless, the settlement is a very good sign and an impressive outcome thanks in large part to the hard work of plaintiffs' attorneys, particularly those on the DePuy MDL  leadership counsel who hammered out this settlement back in New York.

The American Association of Justice (AAJ)  has also been instrumental in achieving this success by providing resources and opportunities for lawyers across the country to connect and share information. Without AAJ, settlements like this one, which will benefit so many people, would not happen. I hope that folks will consider this the next time they hear chatter about “frivolous lawsuits” and “tort reform.” When a corporation harms people and could have prevented it, what’s needed is “corporate reform” not reform of  the tort system that holds them accountable.

Further details of the settlement can be found here.