Defective Product Alert: Two Manufacturers Recall Food Products Due to Mislabeling

The California food producer DelMonaco Specialty Foods recalled 5,616 pounds of its Aramanino brand bolognese sauce products.  The food product manufacturer failed to properly label milk, a known allergen, when the allergy label was not applied to all of the products in each lot that was produced.  Multiple versions of the Aramanino “Bolognese Sauce with Beef & Pork” sauce are being pulled from grocery store shelves due to the mislabeling.

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced last Friday that a Utah-based food producer, Creminelli Fine Meats, is recalling approximately 101 pounds of fully-cooked-not-shelf-stable, ready-to-eat pork roast products that were sold exclusively online. The product is being recalled because the company was using a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plan for a different category of ready-to-eat products.